'Melanie' Essential Knit Cowl

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What we love about essentials is that they always work.

Maybe you’re on and off the bus for your downtown commute, or in and out of shops all day with your pals. Whatever it is you don’t need a reason to wear our Essential Knit Cowl because she is always stylish, super cozy, and extremely easy going. This pop-over circle scarf is made of two layers of soft Nebraska wool woven together with an exposed seam that we like to wear visible in front - or not, you decide!


The Melanie is a truly universal pattern inspired by Mel, our studio assistant. Mel’s personal wardrobe is filled with thoughtfully purchased items influenced by her passion for fantasy and dressing up. This best-seller, based on a bit of vintage ribbon that screamed “Melanie”, is the perfect compliment to literally anything - striking enough to make a statement on its own, but classic enough to pair with bright and bold looks.

Keep your ears cozy with a matching headband.

  • Approx 26" circumference + 8” tall when flat
  • Made to order
  • 100% USA wool
  • Hand wash

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