About us

Hi, allow me to introduce myself

I'm Mia, a PNW textile artist now living & working in downtown Savannah, GA👋🏼 

Ravel & Unravel began around 2011ish in a small Seattle apartment with a well loved, hand me down knitting machine. Since the very beginning I’ve created work with a distinct good vibes style, bright colors & big patterns. My work has evolved over the years but the story has always been the same, I make work that makes me happy.

You can find me dyeing fabric, weaving & marbling in my studio tucked away behind the brick and mortar shop I co-own with two friends, The Circle. When I'm not in the studio I'm playing with my dog Otis at Forsyth Park, sipping cocktails on the patio (gin & tonic please) and riding my bike around this beautiful city. I'm a textbook Gemini, lover of Twin Peaks, partaker in rooftop happy hours and joyful color splasher.

I believe in doing what makes you happy and living colorfully. I hope this space inspires & encourages you to do the same!

If you'd like to learn more about my work please visit me on Instagram @ravelandunravel